Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become an active member of your community, while helping others and yourself. People volunteer for many different reasons. Some do it to meet new people, learn new skills, add to their CV, help other people, make good use of their spare time, take on new challenges, or use their skills and experience in a positive way

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of Western Australian society. Our research indicates we have over 600,000 volunteers contributing over $39 billion a year to WA’s economy each year. Without volunteers our state would grind to a halt.

When we consider the benefits gained from volunteering we are all winners – the impact has a ripple affect starting with the volunteer, the organisation, service and/or people benefitting from the volunteer and the impact this has on our community.

Centrelink Approved

Some Centrelink clients may be eligible to elect to volunteer to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements. An individual’s eligibility to volunteer as part of their activity requirements will depend on that particular individual’s Mutual Obligation Requirements.  We are a Centrelink approved organisation.

If you would like to volunteer to meet your Mutual Obligation Requirements please speak to your Job Service Provider

Volunteer With Us​

There are a variety of interesting and rewarding volunteer roles available right across the state.   As we are growing we are putting in place different Events Crews.   Volunteers either on the committee, with our Helping Hands group or as a roaming lunch host.

You may have a Chronic Medical Condition yourself, or you may just be passionate about giving back to others who do. Would you consider volunteering your time and skills to improve the lives of others?
Often when Chronic Illness / Medical Conditions hit, our lives change, we are no longer able to work as we had. The passion for our jobs turn into a passion for daily survival. But at the back of our minds are those tiny voices saying "Once I was great at...." "I use to make a difference in ......' " I loved it when I ......"

We want to give YOU the opportunity to let that part of you OUT AGAIN! To have the opportunity to let your skills shine in an environment where you are not having to be 'reliable to the clock' or apologising for having a crap day and not being able to get something done, because we all have them.

We invite you to share your skills with us with all the flexibility you need for your individual needs

Positions Available - Head Office - (Rockingham)

Events Crew 
Fundraising Coordinator
Information Session Coordinator
Helping Hands Coordinator
Shop 4 A Cause Pop Up Op Shop
Loyalty Program Manager
Public Relations Officer

Please send us your CV and what position your interested in

Volunteering Positions - Statewide






Please send us your CV, position and your location 

Events Crew Leader

A caring  person is needed to run small teams based throughout Western Australia. We anticipate around 5 hrs week which can be done mostly from home. The successful candidate will assist with any communication between the organisation and members, sponsors, stakeholders and more as well as preparing a monthly report for Head Office for your team

You will be well supported by the team based in Rockingham who are themselves volunteers and your contribution will make the world of difference not only to sufferers, but the people who support them.

Provides direct leadership to the multiple district in their constitutional area
 Develops area specific programs/strategies to address needs or opportunities
 Works directly with Head Office
 Works closely with their team to achieve targets for the year. 
 Reports to the  executive level

Knowledge of being part of a committee would be beneficial
Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
A bright, positive, can-do attitude
Keen attention to detail
Must be computer literate
On Facebook as most of our communication is through our committee group.

If your interested in this position please contact Michelle with your CV, a passport size photo and a police clearance (if you have one) as well as outlining why you think you would be a good Events Crew Leader and a little about yourself.

International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

May 12

Invisible Illnesses Inc

Making the Invisible - Visible

Rockingham, Western Australia

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