Your duties would be Legal and financial accountability, strategic vision and objectives, fundraising and advocacy.

The basic function of the treasurer is to take responsibility for financial management of the organisation

In a general sense Fibro & Us - Fibromyalgia Support Group Inc relies on the role of the Treasurer to ensure that organisation’s financial affairs are managed in the most effective manner possible. This includes ensuring that, at meetings, the Board of Management Committee remains well informed of all financial processes and procedures, that budgets and financial statements are distributed in a timely manner, and that Board of Management Committee members understand the organisation’s financial situation.

Your responsibility will be but not limited to:

Ensuring that the financial systems are accurate by.

  • Ensuring monthly reconciliations

  • Roll over of the end of financial year

  • Supporting the yearly independent audit process.

  • Maintaining our financial records, including account reconciliation, reimbursement  of expenses, and tracking grant, donation and other income and expenditure,

  • Managing cash flow, accounts payable and receivable

  • Producing financial reports, as required.

  • Setting up accounts on behalf of the organisation

  • Preparing the annual and other budgets

  • Ensuring adequate records are kept, including all receipts and payments and any money received is receipted and banked promptly

  • Taking reasonable steps to ensure funds are not misused or stolen

  • Taking overall responsibility for the financial management of the organisation

  • Prepares and presents monthly financial reports for management meetings

  • Ensures adequate written records and written reports are available for the incoming treasurer so that they can maintain proper continuity

  • Attend our committee meetings once a month

  • Support Fibro & Us - Fibromyalgia Support Group aims and objectives

  • Participate in all relevant induction and training programs

  • Actively promote Fibro & Us - Fibromyalgia Support Group

  • Undertake at best five hours a week in your role and at least 1 day a week covering the office

  • Participate in our awareness program and fundraising events

  • Follow any guidance as set out in our volunteers agreement, code of conduct and constitution

  • Participate at our awareness market/show stalls

International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

May 12

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