Internet Support Moderator

About this opportunity
If the internet and its workings are your area of expertise or interest, then we are looking for you to keep up our Facebook page, website for our group and all things on internet.

Detailed Description
We are seeking an Internet Support Person to schedule Facebook posts and update the Fibro & Us website, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Are you familiar with creating content for social media? We are looking for a contributor passionate about social media, memes, brand recognition, the news industry and online communities. This role will help develop strategies to expand our brand online, grow our social media platforms, increase content reach and engagement as well as raising awareness.

We need an excellent communicator who is detail-oriented and willing to master a wide variety of tools for online interactions across social media networks; a service-oriented, assertive individual who gets satisfaction out of helping others, yet is also comfortable taking a leadership role when needed

This position includes duties of an online moderator and involves enforcing forum rules and policies on websites and social networks. A moderator's main purpose is to keep the discussion threads running smoothly and productively. You'll be responsible for moderating all interactions on an online community, and keeping out problems such as derailing, irrelevant comments, trolls, flame wars, disturbances and spam as well as social media interactions.

You will also need to research current information on Fibromyalgia that can be posted across all social media.

Contribute the strategy of the social media accounts
Serve as a social media contributor by utilizing best practices and driving innovation
Measure performance while developing strategies for continued improvement
Support the groups initiatives and social media functions for large-scale campaigns and executions
Manage company-wide account administration and access policies
Help contribute to other social media and community development projects as needed
Learn online community tools, so that you can use them effectively and serve as a resource
Monitor participation in online forums and take appropriate actions to ensure a positive experience for all participants
Collaborate with other moderators & managers to keep a productive work environment
Develop monthly reports that summarize activity in the community, provide meaningful analysis, and show progress against goals
Provide feedback on and assist in the implementation of strategies to keep the community vibrant and active with new programs, promotions, etc.
Attend regular meetings

Knowledge of general social networking and web services (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
Attention to details & strong oral and written communication skills
Preferred experience with online messaging services and applications but not essential
Preferred experience participating in social media sites and moderating online communities but not essential

Good for
Work for the Dole
Uni student
Skilled Volunteers


Regular - more than 6 months


Time Required
One day per week in our office for four hours.  Any other time can be worked at home at your convenience.

Provided. Training on how to update the website will be given

Shirt and name badge provided.  Pre-approved reimbursements may apply.

Please email Michelle your CV and a passport size photo

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