Ongoing commitment as required


About this opportunity
Are you a keen gardener? Do you enjoy spending time with people and giving back to the community? We are looking for energetic team-playing volunteers who can assist our members with gardening. 
This is suitable for students, unemployed, semi-retired or even fly-in fly-out workers. 


You would be required to attend to the maintenance of an established garden including pruning, spraying, feeding plants, mulching, mowing and weeding and general maintenance.
Carry out occasional small maintenance work - window cleaning, gutter cleaning, hanging pictures, changing tap washers etc.
Additional requirements
You need to be physically fit and able to carry out the duties and have no medical condition which may impede you. Must be polite, have a courteous demeanor. 
Police clearance required


By the time our members have asked for help they are generally at their lowest point, so we need to know that you are reliable.


Time Required
As required 


Good for
Work for the dole
Families Volunteers
Volunteers with limited English
Skilled Volunteers
Travelling/Short term Volunteers


Interested In
Garden Maintenance
Trades & Maintenance


ID lanyard provided. You may also be eligible for travel costs.


If your interested in this position please contact Michelle with your CV and a passport size photo as well as outlining why you would be suitable for this position.

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