Coffee & Chats

The Coffee & Chat program has the purpose of reducing the premature decline in individual wellbeing and incapacity caused by social isolation and loneliness.

We have a number of Coffee & Chats through the metro & regional areas.  We will gradually be adding more.

Our office is always open for anyone wanting to drop in for a coffee & chat - Unit 11 3 Benjamin Way Rockingham.


Jordan Darman


28th April 2019   11:00am

Le-Mar Garratt


18th April 2019   10:00am

Lee Williams


 3rd April 2019     10.30am

Michelle Greenwood

Secret Harbour

27th April 2019        11:00am

Pragya Nalhotra


14th April 2019   11:30am

Deb Brzich


29th March 2019   10.30pm

Sheree Beaton/Mark Spazetta


26th April 2019   10:30am

Kat Taylor


5th April 2019   11:00am

Ann Clarke


11th February   11am

International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

May 12

Invisible Illnesses Inc

Making the Invisible - Visible

Rockingham, Western Australia

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