Business & Corporate Support

Businesses of all sizes can help make a real difference to helping raise the awareness and supporting those who suffer with an Invisible Illness.

There are many ways your business can support Invisible Illnesses Inc's work, including:  

Business fundraising and donations 

Simple fundraising initiatives such as donating a percentage of sales or offering collection tins at points of sale are effective and build customer and client loyalty. To get started, simply email our team

Cause related marketing
Cause related marketing builds trust and customer loyalty, boosts market share and stimulates sales in the retail environment, connecting brands more strongly with their target market.  Aligning with Invisible Illnesses Inc is a valuable marketing opportunity to develop a unique selling proposition while raising funds for Fibromyalgia and supporting your community. For more information, please contact us

Corporate Partnerships
Is your organisation committed to helping all people achieve their best possible mental health?

Invisible Illnesses Inc forms mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations that share in our values, vision and mission – creating change to protect everyone’s mental health and improving the lives of people affected by chronic pain, anxiety, depression and suicide.

As every organisation is unique, we will work with you to build a tailored partnership to meet your objectives and benefit the community. To discuss opportunities, please contact our team by email 

Workplace giving
Offering a workplace giving program to your employees – and matching their contributions – is one of the most simple, effective ways to support Invisible Illnesses Inc's work. Workplace giving also strengthens workplace culture and contributes to a positive environment. Research shows eight out of 10 employees feel their company’s workplace giving program reflects a genuine commitment to the community and 85 per cent feel this form of community engagement and generosity makes their company a better place to work. 

Workplace fundraising 
Hosting a fundraising event or activity in your workplace is a great way to raise funds and awareness for an Invisible Illness.  Whether it's a morning tea, dress purple day, BBQ lunch, auction or raffle - there are loads of ideas to suit your workplace and resources to help make your fundraising a success!

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International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

May 12

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